At Onlyplast we are engaged in the handling, process and sale of recycled Plastic materials such as PET coming from beverage packaging and textile sector.

We sell PET coming from plastic packaging for its industrial use, in form of flakes and bales.


• Bottles flakes hot washed
• Preform regrind
• Post-factory trays regrind
• Colours: clear, light-blue, green


• Bottles
• Preform
• Trays

PET – polyethylene terephthalate is one of the most used plastics in beverage packaging and textile.

Main features:

  • High corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Good bearing quality
  • Good chemical ad thermal resistance
  • Very good barrier to CO2, standard barrier to O2 and moisture
  • Compatible with further barrier materials that improve the whole barrier-quality in packaging and then allow its use in specific markets
  • Recyclable, even if it tends to lower its viscosity along its thermal variations story.

If you need to purchase recycled PET, contact us! We sale and export recycled plastics such as PET to Europe, America, Africa and Asia. To do so, we dispose of our headquarters in Murcia and a logistics warehouse next to the Port of Valencia that allows us to export very easily and quickly.

We submit a picture report about loading process: from material preparation, to its stuffing for transport till destination. Confidence and trust are our main values. Ask for a quote without engagement!

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