At Onlyplast we are engaged in the handling, process and sale of recycled Plastic materials such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

We sale PVC for its industrial use, in form of granules, regrind and bales.


  • Hard PVC Regranulate materials
  • Post-industrial and post-consumer materials
  • Applications: injection moulding (fitting), extrusion (pipes)


  • Hard PVC post-industrial
  • Soft PVC post-industrial


  • Credit card skeletons
  • Sheets
  • Film
  • Rolls

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) (C2H3Cl)n is the result of the polymerisation chloride vinyl monomer. It is one of the most adaptable plastic, which can be produced throughout three different processes: suspension, emulsion and bulk (mass).

The material usually begins to soften around 80°C and decompose at about 140°C. It is an addition polymer and furthermore a resin resulting from chloride vinyl and chlorothene polymerisation. It has a good electrical and flame resistance.

In the industrial setting you can find two types:

  • Hard or Unplasticised: used for the manufacturing of packaging, windows, pipelines (which have mostly replaced iron pipes, that are more exposed to oxidation), plumbing accessories, etc.
  • Soft or Plasiticised: used for the manufacturing of cables, dolls and toys, shoes, flooring, coatings, roofing…

PVC is characterized by being ductile and tough; It presents dimensional stability and environmental resistance. In addition, it is recyclable by several methods.

If you need to purchase recycled PVC, contact us! We sale and export recycled plastics such as PVC to Europe, America, Africa and Asia. To do so, we dispose of our headquarters in Murcia and a logistics warehouse next to the Port of Valencia that allows us to export very easily and quickly.

We submit a picture report about loading process: from material preparation, to its stuffing for transport till destination. Confidence and trust are our main values. Ask for a quote without engagement!


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