Recycled Plastics in interior design

Recycled Plastics in interior design. Plásticos Reciclados en interiorismo. The use of recycled plastics in interior design supposes a genuine revolution.  El uso de plásticos reciclados en interiorismo supone una auténtica revolución. Barely a month ago, the Spanish company “Revolución Limo”, specialist in interior design and pioneer in “upcycling” or creative recycling as of recycled.

Labels and recycled Plastics: communicate your added value.

This month we’d like to focus on labels of those products that are manufactured starting from recycled Plastics. We already know that the communication of this differential value is vitally important for manufacturers. We would like to mention some useful advices for labels design of those items that have been produced with recycled plastics, through an analysis of best practices.


Este mes hemos puesto el foco en las etiquetas de los productos elaborados a partir de plásticos reciclados. Y es que la comunicación de este valor diferencial es de vital importancia. Os dejamos en nuestro blog consejos útiles, para el diseño de las etiquetas de los productos que han sido elaborados a partir de plásticos reciclados, basados en un análisis de las mejores prácticas.

The Olympic Games of Tokyo opt for the Circular Economy.

It is the first time that the Circular Economy turns into the main character in the Olympic Games. This edition has fully opted for the reuse and use of recycled plastic. Tokyo has reflected this compromise in its streets with the motto “Be better, together. For the planet and the people” However, not all is.

Recycled plastics conquer the toy industry.

The Recycled Plastics Industry shows us as more and more companies are joining the Circular Economy. In the last months, the toy industry decided to take a step forward pro sustainability. If we consider that most products of this industry are made with plastics, many long-term initiatives are to be taken from now on. In.

Circular Economy business opportunities

This month we’d like to focus on business opportunities that the circular economy creates for small and medium-sized companies and interesting market niches that are still empty today. In Spain, for example, we have recently known about the results of the report “Circular Economy for small and medium-sized companies in Spain”, drafted by the Chamber.

Ecodesign: food packaging made of recycled plastics.

Nowadays all manufacturers are aware about the importance of the circular economy. It’s about to recycle, reuse and reduce the use of plastics and make eco-efficient and sustainable products. An example of this is the use of recycled packaging in the food sector. The crux of what is called “Ecodesign” is to take materials coming.

Recycled Plastics turn into a safe bet to increase the brand value.

The social benefit gained from supporting sustainability principles – for instance by choosing recycled plastics instead of virgin materials- is a reality, given its positive effects on the Planet. But what can push companies such as Coca-Cola, Ikea, C&A, etc. towards the use of recycled plastics, beyond moral benefits? After reviewing reports coming from consultancy.

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